Welcome Our New Family Minister, Hilary McCracken!

Posted September 21, 2023


I have some exciting news to share with all of you. You may not know this, but the last two years have been a time of alignment for us on our staff team. We have worked together to tear down siloed ministries, increase collaboration, and ensure that each ministry is working toward the overall vision for our church. As we continue to press into being intercultural and inter-generational, it became clear that we needed a leader who aligns us and equips parents and families to shepherd their children. Well, we didn’t have to look far!

Please join us in welcoming Hilary McCracken as our new Family Minister!

Hilary and Jeff McCracken have been a part of Fellowship for 18 years. She has spent 13 of those years on staff here with the last 7 being full-time. She has a proven track record of excellent and effective work across the life of our church — from connections and front lines to children’s ministry. She and Jeff have raised their two boys, Nathan and Dillon, at Fellowship and love our church. We feel tremendously blessed to now serve alongside this dear sister as our Family Minister. I cannot overstate her importance to our staff team and our church. We sincerely feel that the best candidate we could possibly find for this role has been faithfully and humbly serving within our halls this whole time.

Having a Family Minister allows us to make sure that two of the most important ministries in our church—Children’s Ministry and Student Ministry— are working together to ensure that we continue to be an inter-generational church. Hilary will be overseeing them both and helping us think well about serving families and parents.

In addition to this promotion comes the addition of Hilary to our Executive Team. Our Executive Team is our highest level of staff leadership and provides point leadership in every area. Her voice as a woman and one of our strongest leaders is a tremendous addition to the room.

As Hilary transitions into this new role, she and her team will continue to oversee Children’s Ministry into this next season. Our Children’s Ministry team will continue to provide excellent care that is safe, relationally strong, and anchored in the gospel. What a joy it is to celebrate the work that God is doing within our church! We look forward to seeing the ways that Jesus uses our sister in the days ahead.

Your Brother,

Pastor Jason

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