Welcome! We are here to partner with you in the discipleship of your children. Join us as we help our kids from nursery to 5th grade know Jesus, grow in His Word, and go share Him with others.  

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Join us on our mission!

Did you know that you can help fulfill the mission of Fellowship - to be and make disciples - right here at Fellowship? You can invest in the life of a child from birth through 5th grade.

We are seeking volunteers to serve with us! To sign up to serve or if you have any questions, click the link below.



We know your child's safety is important to you, and we share that concern. Our security measures include matching parent/child security tags and ensuring that every adult volunteer is screened with an application, references, a federal background check, and completion of Ministry Safe’s Abuse Awareness training.

These are just a few of the steps we practice every Sunday as we value and work to ensure that every environment is a safe and enjoyable experience for you and your child.

Age Groups

Offered during both Sunday services 9:15 & 11am

Our goal is to lovingly and safely care for the needs of your child. We hug them, soothe them, and pray for them while meeting their basic needs. Our hope is that as we love them, they will begin to form a foundation of Jesus’ love for them. We offer a curriculum for children in our nursery which becomes more focused and interactive as they mature. Each month has a theme and an age-appropriate Bible story that allows for different activities. Since repetition is so important to their learning, children in nursery interact with the same truth for a month.

Early Childhood - 2 years - Kindergarten
Offered during both Sunday services: 9:15 & 11am

Our FellowshipKids environments are exciting, experiential, and geared to reach kids right where they are. In Early Childhood (2’s-4’s) our children learn Bible stories about how God shows His love to men and women of the Bible and to each one of them. Hands-on Bible activities, music, and crafts reinforce Biblical truths. During the school year, our Kindergarten classes go through a special curriculum as they memorize a Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet. Along with getting the opportunity to recite their verses in Big Church, the children are hiding God's Word in their hearts in fun, memorable ways.

Elementary 1st – 5th grades 

During the 9:15am service, we offer a big group/small group environment on a weekly basis. Your child will check into their grade assigned classroom and then move to a larger room with other elementary children. During that time, they will have corporate worship, a Bible story, and interactive activities. They will then return to their classroom for a time in smaller groups to talk more about the Bible story and how it applies to their life.

During the 11am service, time is spent in their classroom interacting with the Bible account through a variety of different activities. 1st through 3rd grade are divided by their last name and grade while 4th and 5th grade are divided by gender. Our hope is that our children will gain a larger picture of who God is and how each part of His word points to His plan of redemption.

(Kindergarten – 5th grade) 11:00am

HisKids is a musical theater elective for boys and girls age kindergarten through 5th grade. It meets during the 11am service and combines singing, dancing, and drama to teach timeless biblical truths in a fun, relevant way. Children in HisKids have an opportunity to share what they've learned about God and His word through two productions during the year. Please note: registration is required to be part of HisKids. Interested in participating?

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First time at Fellowship?

Please plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before the service starts. When you arrive, please ask for the FellowshipKids Guest Check-In area. We look forward to meeting you there!
Upon registration, you and your child will be given matching security tags that are unique to your family and your visit. We will walk with you to the appropriate classroom where your child will be checked in and welcomed. Your child will wear the nametag portion of the matching security tags, which bears a code that is matched to your portion during checkout.
If your child needs you during the service, we will text the number provided during the registration process or display the child's name in the Worship Center.
To save time, you may pre-register your child or print out the completed sheet and bring it with you to the FellowshipKids Guest Check-In.


parent/child dedication

Children are a gift of the Lord! As believers, we dedicate our children to God as a sign of our commitment to training them in the ways of the Lord. You are affirming that God has given your children to you as a gift. You are also asking our Fellowship Family to partner with you in the discipling of your child.  A public, formal commitment adds significance to the act.

Plan to attend a required one-hour parent class where we will talk about the significance and theology of baby dedication and practical ideas on how to engage your child spiritually as they grow and develop. Though church membership is encouraged, it is not required to participate. However, it is required that you consider Fellowship your church home and you attend regularly.

The parent class planned for March 29 and the dedication service on April 26 are currently postponed. If you would like to take part in our next dedication class and service, please pre-register below. A Children's Ministry team member will contact you with dates when they are rescheduled.

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We would love to partner with you, the parent, to help your child take the step of baptism. Baptism, for all ages, says to those who witness it three things: when Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for sins that it was your sins he died for; a love relationship has begun and is worth telling others about; and your life is new, God-focused, God-directed, and God-nurtured.

If you believe this is true of your child, there are four required steps to the baptism process: attending the logistics class; having your child write their personal testimony; conducting a conversation with the child, the parent(s) and the Children’s Ministry Director; and recording a video where the child shares their testimony and why they desire to be baptized. 

Still unsure if your child is ready? We have a great resource that provides you with activities and conversation starters to help ensure your child is ready to take this important step in following Jesus. 

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