Our church-wide baptisms are typically the first Sunday of the month (with exceptions in December and January).

If you would like to participate, 

Contact Babs Williams 
770.641.5609 |

What does Baptism mean?
Baptism says - to all who witness it - three things:

  • That when Jesus died on the cross as a sacrifice for sin, it was your sins He died for
  • That a love relationship with God has begun, and is worth telling others about
  • That your life is different - new, God-focused, God-directed and God-nurtured

That's why baptism services are a celebration at Fellowship. Following after God is exciting!

Have you been biblically baptized?
Our challenge to you is to follow our Lord's command and be baptized. Prior to each Baptism Service, a class is held in which attendance is required for all baptismal candidates. The class reviews the biblical basis for baptism and answers any questions you might have about the service. If you would like to be baptized, or would like more information about baptism, please call the church office at 770.992.4956.

The Ordinance of Baptism

  • External symbol of what has happened internally at salvation
  • Baptism doesn't save you
  • We call everyone who has placed faith in Jesus to be baptized (if you've already been baptized elsewhere as a believer, you don't have to be baptized again).