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Posted August 02, 2023

As a new school year begins next week, we are excited to announce that Josh Cook has been chosen as our church’s Student Ministries Minister.

Everyone involved in the discernment process believes that Josh is the right person for this important role. His experience working with students at Fellowship provides a deep understanding of what our students and families need. His wisdom and desire to help students become like Jesus is a gift to our church and to the world. And anyone who is around Josh walks away knowing that this man has spent time with Jesus. Josh Cook helps us know what Jesus is like, simply by being himself.

So we are honored and thrilled to have Josh lead our student ministries team, and to spend time on Sundays teaching our middle school students.

We’re also happy to announce that Joel Diaz is returning to our staff team as a Student Ministry Associate. Joel is a great fit for our team and our students. Life is better for all of us when Joel Diaz is around.

Joel’s primary responsibility will be teaching high school students on Sundays. And he’ll be able to share his vast experience in student ministry with the rest of the team.

Will you take a moment to pray, thanking God for Josh and Joel, as well as Anna Cosentino and Ami Rasmussen? And as you pray, ask God to give our team of staff and volunteers all they need to help our students know that they belong and to invite them to become more like Jesus this year.

~ Pastor Jason Cook

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