Mission Partner Update - Dave & Susie Pridemore, February 2024

Posted February 27, 2024

This month started out slow which was good. It gave us a little time to catch our breath before we stepped into things that are going to be going fast and furious. We had our 2nd Re Charge and it was even more successful then our first Re Charge. We had almost twice as many people attend and everyone had a great time. It was very cold but it didn't stop the kids from having lots of fun. First Re Charge we had rain and second Re Charge we had cold -very cold I! Then last weekend we had a large retreat and they loved the camp and the food!

We spent January getting volunteer teams ready for the Big YWAM retreat in March. There will be hundreds of missionaries coming to our campus for 14 days for a big retreat. They are coming from all over the world. We offered to help get them to and from the airport so we have been contacting churches in the area that we knew had big vans to pick them up and return them to the airport. The response has been great from the churches we contacted. This should be an exciting time seeing the world come to Roberta and stay at Camp Grace. They will be here from March 1 through March 15. If you think you might want to come serve during any of their stay, please contact us.

Our Big Build is fast upon us. The dates of the Big Build are April 15 through April 28. The area is being prepped so the slab can be poured. This is phase one of our learning center. We are calling it the Train Station. We still need money and supplies for this build. If you can help in any way, please contact us. Also, pray for this. God always shows up. We don't have all we need for this build yet but we feel God telling us that this is the time to build the Train Station so we are moving forward. Our biggest expense that we don't have help on yet is the wood. Wood can be so expensive now. The supplier we used in the past is no longer in business so we need some new contacts. While all of this is going on we are also preparing for summer camp 2024. We are in the middle of recruiting for summer staff. Please pray that God sends us the perfect staff for the summer. If you know of any college-age students who would be a good fit for our summer staff, please encourage them to contact us.

Our family is doing great. All the grandkids are staying very busy so that means that the adults are busy also keeping up with the kids. We had kids playing basketball, competing in gymnastics, practicing golf, practicing baseball, practicing music, and competing in Step Sing. What is Step Sing you say? Step Sing is an unbelievable competition of music and dance that takes place every January at Samford University. The groups this year were amazing. We enjoyed every minute of it. These students spent so many hours practicing for this competition and it showed.

Please continue to pray for Camp Grace and all our staff. Pray that God provides all the funds we need to fund camp this summer. Thank you so much for all you do to help.
We love and appreciate you so much.

In His love and grace,
Dave and Susie Pridemore

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