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Living 1:27, a mission partner of Fellowship, is collecting "Birthday Blessing Bags" to support the Department of Family and Child Services.
Caseworkers and foster families will utilize these bags to help celebrate the birthdays of foster children.
In a large gift bag, please include the following: cake mix, frosting, sprinkles, candles, plates, napkins, cups, streamers, balloons, party hats, party poppers, and a signed birthday card with an indication of age range and gender.
Bring your "Birthday Blessing Bags" to Connection Point on Sundays through November 10. During the week, please bring them to the church office.
Thank you for being a blessing to children in our community, as we look forward to "Stand For Fosters And Orphans Sunday" on November 10.
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Throughout the scriptures, we clearly see God’s heart toward His creation, especially toward children. He calls for them to be brought to Him and He calls His Church to care for those who are without a home and without parents.
God is deeply and personally concerned with the care of each and every one of His children so as His Church we must embrace that same passion to bring the love of God to each and every child. In doing so, we proclaim the love that our perfect heavenly Father has for each of us – both in word and in deed.
Each year we take the opportunity during a Sunday worship gathering to focus on the orphans and fosters that God has called us to care for. That’s why we’re celebrating Stand for Fosters and Orphans Sunday on November 10th!
We will hear from several ministries and organizations working locally and globally with fosters and orphans and will learn how we can engage in what God is doing through each of them.
I want to encourage you to begin praying now that your heart would be open to hearing from the Lord and how He may be calling you into serving His Kingdom in this way. And be praying that God would pour out His grace and mercy on all who are engaged in caring for fosters and orphans today.
Chris Fowler,
Mission Multiplication Pastor