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January 05, 2023

What is re:generation?

Re:generation is a 12-step discipleship process-oriented around life change and hope through the application of God’s word. By working through these 12 biblical steps of looking to God, looking to self, and looking to others within an authentic community, people have found freedom from substance abuse, codependency, pornography, disordered eating, depression, fear, control, emotional/physical abuse, same-sex attraction, anger, obsessive thoughts, and many other personal struggles.

Re:generation meets weekly with a large group time of either teaching or a personal testimony followed by a time of discussion in a small group format. For more information about how you can join, please contact our Care Ministry.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is re:generation for?
All of us! All who are dealing with the impacts of sin in this world, ours and the sin of others. It is for all of us who feel stuck, broken, or hurt. All are invited to come to find recovery in Jesus Christ. You do not need to be a member of Fellowship to attend re:generation. Re:generation is open to everyone.

How does re:generation work?

Re:generation is a Christ-centered, biblically-based 12-step recovery program structured with daily lessons and weekly small group meetings (men meeting with men, and women meeting with women). Each week, re:gen begins with all leaders and participants gathered together during the first 45 minutes to worship and hear a testimony or teaching. The large gathering will then break into smaller groups for the remainder of the time in order to share, pray together, and encourage one another. Altogether, the gathering lasts about 2 hours. Participants usually take 9-10 months to work through the 12 steps.

How much does re:generation cost?

There is no cost to attend re:generation. Once you decide to start the curriculum, you will need to purchase books at different stages of the ministry (about every six weeks). There are a total of six books. Each of the books costs $15. The total cost is $75 for a year of the curriculum with costs spread out through the year. If the cost of the curriculum is a hardship, let us know.

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