Re:Gen for Students


Begins January 10th (12 week program) and is open to all 2023-2024 High School Students.

Wednesdays | 6 - 7:30 pm | Student Center | Cost $12 (Re:Gen Book) | Dinner Provided

REQUIRED Parent meeting: 12/3 at 12:45pm in the Student Center  

Register starting 10/15 through 12/16 for the Spring Re:Gen Program. 

Register for Spring Re:Gen for Students


How is RE:GENERATION for Students different from the adult version of re:generation?

The student program is much shorter and is offered in sessions with defined start and finish dates. While re:generation can sometimes last around one year, the RE:GENERATION for Students program is only 12 weeks. This program is designed to offer a basic introduction to the steps of healing given to us by God through the Bible.

Can I register if I don't go to Fellowship?

Yes! RE:GENERATION for Students is for anyone in grades 9-12 who is seeking God’s help with the brokenness in their life and is willing to do the work required by this 12-week program. If you’re ready to get well, you are welcome at RE:GENERATION for Students.

What happens at a typical RE:GENERATION for Students meeting?

Most weeks begin with a testimony from a Step Group Leader or former participant, or a brief teaching which outlines and explains one of the steps of healing given to us by God through the Bible.

Step Groups are arranged by age and gender, and have up to 8 students led by 2 adult Step Group Leaders. In Step Groups, participants share what they are learning in book work as well as challenges or questions they are facing. This is a place for each participant to be known, accepted, and encouraged to continue walking the steps toward healing.

Throughout the week, participants complete a curriculum of 3 lessons per week and a “footprint” that serves as a marker for their progress toward healing. Lessons are designed to help students more fully understand the steps of healing given to us by God through the Bible. Each lesson is followed by an inspiring written testimony from a former participant. As an additional resource, “issue sheets” will be available to help students learn more about specific struggles.

How does RE:GENERATION for Students compare with other recovery programs?

This program does not offer licensed professional counselors, psychologists, or clinical diagnoses, therapies, treatments, or referrals. Students who fully engage with the curriculum should expect to discover that biblical and Christ-centered discipleship and community are fundamental building blocks for healing and recovery.
Event Coordinator Anna Cosentino

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