FellowshipKids Environments

Nursery - Birth - 24 Months

Offered during both Sunday services 9:15 & 11 am

Our goal here is to lovingly and safely care for the needs of your child. We hug them, soothe them, and pray for them while meeting their basic needs. Our hope is that as we love them, they will begin to form a foundation of Jesus’ love for them. We do offer a curriculum for those in our nursery which becomes more focused and interactive as they mature. Each month has a theme and an age appropriate Bible story which allows for different activities. Since repetition is so important to their learning, they interact with the same truth for a month.

Early Childhood - 2 years - Kindergarten

Offered during both Sunday services: 9:15 & 11 am

Our FellowshipKids environments are exciting, experiential and geared to reach kids right where they are. In Early Childhood (2’s-4’s) our children learn Bible stories about how God shows His love to men and women of the Bible and to each one of them. Hands-on Bible activities, music and crafts reinforce Biblical truths.

Our Kindergarten classes go through a special curriculum as they memorize a Bible verse for every letter of the alphabet. Along with getting the opportunity to recite their verses in Big Church, the children are hiding God's Word in their hearts in fun, memorable ways.
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Elementary 1st – 5th grades

Offered during both Sunday services: 9:15 & 11 am

We are excited to start something new in our Elementary classrooms this school year. We are moving to a new curriculum and a new programming format.  The curriculum is such that over the course of three years, the children will go through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation. As well, they will learn how each piece of the Bible fits together and points to Jesus.  Though the Bible account will be the same for both services, they will interact with the story differently in both services. This will allow children to learn and apply the truth of God’s Word, whether they attend one or both services.

9:15 am FellowshipKids 1st - 5th grade

During the 9:15am service, we will be offering a big group/small group environment on a weekly basis. Your child will check into their grade assigned classroom and then move to a larger room with other elementary children. During that time, they will have corporate worship, a story and other interactive activities. They will then return to their classroom for a time in smaller groups to talk more about the Bible story and how it applies to their life.


11:00 am FellowshipKids 1st - 5th grade

During the 11am service, they will spend the time in their classroom interacting with the Bible account through a variety of different activities. 1st through 3rd grade will be divided by their last name and grade while 4th and 5th grade are divided by gender. Our hope is that our children will gain a larger picture of who God is and how each part of His Word points to His plan of redemption.

Questions? Contact Children's Ministry.


HisKids (Kindergarten – 5th grade) 9:15 am

HisKids is a musical theater elective for boys and girls, kindergarten through 5th grade. It meets during the 11 a.m. service and combines singing, dancing and drama to teach timeless biblical truths in a fun, relevant way. The children have the opportunity to share what they've learned about God and His word through two productions during the year.

Please note: HisKids is on a break during the Winter/Spring 2019 semester. Programming will resume in September 2019. If your children are interested in being part of the program in September, please click here and complete the registration form. You will be contacted in late summer. 

Contact Hilary McCracken