Summer Study

Most disciples of Jesus agree that prayer is a vital part of a growing relationship with the Lord. Yet, most of us would also agree that prayer can be a struggle. We want to pray but may be unsure of how to pray, what to pray and the value of prayer in our lives.  Join us for 4 weeks this summer as together we study prayer. The best part - we are not going to just study but we are going to take what we learn and pray together! All are welcome - whether you are new to prayer or consider yourself a prayer warrior, come and be part of what we hope will be a start or an encouragement to your own prayer journey. 

The study will start on Tuesday, June 6th from 7pm to 9pm and meet through Tuesday, June 27th. While we hope you can attend all of the study, you are welcome to come to as many as your schedule allows. 

Cost of the study is $10 which includes all materials to be handed out the first evening. 



 Questions: Contact Hilary McCracken at



Here are a few other ways to receive care and support. 


Journey is a confidential support group for women affected by men who battle with sexual addictions. Click here for more information. 


Widows group: A ministry for widows that offers opportunities for care, connection, and service throughout the year. If you are a widow in our church family, we want to care for you so you can care for others. Click here for more information.