Mission Partner Update - The Grimes - August 2023

Posted August 30, 2023

We thank you for supporting the transformation at City of Refuge! Your gift is providing a place where light and hope empower the will to be transformed.
We rely on groups like you for your time, talent, and treasure to deliver on our mission and to do the hard work - right here in the 30314 - of providing light, hope, and transformation.

We only hope that you, too, are transformed through the work we do thanks to your contribution. Read one of our transformation stories below:

Growing up, Justice's mother wasn't around much. She sold drugs and was in and out of jail. Because Justice and her mom didn't get along, Justice ended up getting her own apartment, car, and job at Autozone where she met the father of her children.

A few years later, Justice was 25 years old with two kids and virtually no support. She tried to work at McDonald's and other places, but since she didn't have childcare, she couldn't keep a steady job. Eventually, she and her kids became homeless.

When Justice learned of City of Refuge, she imagined endless rows of bunk beds, soup-kitchen-style meals, and cops everywhere. But what she discovered at City of Refuge blew her away. Justice and her family got their own beautiful room. They ate three amazing, healthy meals a day. Suddenly, they had stability. Slowly, through City of Refuge's extensive resources and wrap-around services, her life changed into one of dignity, self-sufficiency, and purpose.

Today, Justice has her own apartment and works as a preschool teacher at City of Refuge, serving those who are just beginning their journey of restoration.

When asked what she would say to current or future City of
Refuge residents, Justice had this powerful message: "There's not a lot of programs out here like this that will feed you, house you, and give you the instructions.
So take advantage of it. They're giving you a foundation. They're teaching you how to be a better mom and a better adult in the world."

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