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Posted October 03, 2023

Dear Partners in Ministry,
Each year more than 20,000 Tharakans make their way to Thanantu Faith Clinic to seek medical treatment. Many walk miles to get to our clinic to get affordable quality healthcare in this rural area of Kenya. AND our staff doesn't stop with providing for their physical needs...our pastoral care team also works diligently to provide spiritual care by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with our patients as they wait to be seen by our medical staff. This is just one of the ways we are finding creative solutions to spiritual hunger in our community!

Many children come to us with challenging healthcare needs...children with hearing impairments, and cerebral palsy, as well as children who are HIV positive and need medication to keep them healthy. We are blessed to have Thanantu Faith Clinic to care for the physical needs of the children that God brings to us, giving them hope...building a healthy future!

When their needs cannot be taken care of at our clinic, we ensure they get care with specialists, hours away at the nearest hospital. But we cannot do this without your help. When you support E1F1 with your gifts, you are helping to provide medical care for the children of Tharaka-Nithi.

Baby Lilian

When Lilian arrived at Thanantu Faith Clinic as a baby over six years ago, she was so malnourished that we were not certain if she would even survive. ONLY BECAUSE OF PARTNERS LIKE YOU, we have been able to care for her challenging physical and mental needs and she is now thriving at a nearby school for children with special needs. Although she is no longer a baby, she is still known as "Baby Lilian" to everyone on our campus as so many staff members and even the other children have cared for her and celebrated her growth throughout the years.

Her life is being greatly impacted by your support and gifts! Will you give today to help us help children like Lilian?

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