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The Williamsons Update

The Williamsons Update

by on October 04, 2022

God Provided! 

Dear friends, Thank you for praying for our recent time in the bush! An hour after we landed and as we were sitting and talking with our friends there, a storm rolled in and God gave us an hour-long downpour! It hadn't rained there in over a month prior to this!! We all just clapped and thanked God... while simultaneously running to get buckets and making sure our piece of roofing was properly aligned to send the water right into our little tank there. This provided drinking water for us and our visiting Bible teachers all week long. We ran out on Sunday, it rained for 10 more minutes and got us through one more day. Our Father knows our needs! What a great example of His loving care for all of us.

Around 75 new people are hearing foundational teaching 5 days a week

Shaking things up a bit

On our last full day there as everyone was meeting to hear foundational teaching on creation, we started to feel the ground shake under our feet. It kept going... we braced ourselves like we were on surfboards and watched as the palm trees swayed and the meeting house shook. the Bible teacher paused and everyone sat and waited for it to stop. Then the teaching continued and life moved on as normal with a bit of chatter about how big the earthquake felt. 

It wasn't until 7 hours later when we walked to find service on our phones that we discovered that the earthquake registered at 7.6 and the epicenter wasn't too far away from us! Texts and messages came in from our kids and others checking in to see if we were okay. Reports of injuries and missionary houses falling filled some of our threads. We had no idea the effects around the country! We quickly checked in with our worried kids and went about the rest of the day.

As we flew back out to town we began hearing more about the damage caused around the country. We came back to our city of Madang where 7 power lines were reported down, and damage to cell towers reported. We've been running on generator power since the earthquake while we wait for repairs to happen nearby. Our internet service was also affected by damage to a submerged cable under the ocean. Please pray for service workers around the country as they move to repair damages to an already fragile infrastructure!

Quality time

Thank you for praying for our time with the Iski Bible teachers and their families. It was such a great week filled with endless conversation, encouragement, instruction & strategizing. It was wonderful fellowship and God used our time to bring some much-needed direction to the future of the work in Iski. We taught through 1 Timothy and used this as a springboard to discuss the leadership structure of the church in Masa. We are so grateful for those who responded to our last update to let us know you were praying. We felt uplifted and supported and saw so many answers to prayer over the week!

Thank you again for your prayers and for your continued partnership in this ministry! You co-laborers,

Jason, Nisae, and family

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