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The Costa Family

The Costa Family

by on August 17, 2022


Hello, American family! We thank the Lord for all the great things He is doing here. As His church, we advance, edified in Him, knowing that "the gates of Hades will not overcome it" (Matthew 16:18) . We are rejoicing for all opportunities that we are having to proclaim the Gospel, which "is the power of God that brings salvation to everyone who believes" (Romans 1:16).


We thank the Lord for the trip we had to Recife. Tiago, his family, and I were there in the beginning of May. As I, Bruno, mentioned in our lost newsletter, this trip was to explore the city in order to plan their move to that city. It was very fruitful. We mode a lot of contacts, visited churches, explored the region, did evangelism, and so forth. It was very good, and now we hove a good idea about how their lives and ministry would work there. We ore praying for the right moment for their move and for the provision of the necessary support since it is more expensive to live in Recife than where they ore living now.

Further, we hove a mission trip to help Tiago and his family October 22-29. We will work with them in the harvest fields of their region, both in urban areas and remote places - helping small local churches. As we mentioned before, people suffer a lot with long droughts in this region. In some places they hove to walk miles to get water, which is not always good water. So, we ore adding to our work there a project to make a well to help these people with their water problem. Please, pray for the Lord to raise the team for this trip.

May the Lord continue blessing our ministry in the Northeast of our country!


When we look at our schools, we can easily see how they need the Gospel. The Government started the "September Yellow", a month dedicated to the problem of suicide because it has been growing a lot. So, we are very grateful to God to work in this mission field. We thank Him to see how many have been deeply touched by the Word of God.

We have been doing meetings in many schools. And in almost all schools the students are very open. Recently we worked in a school where we could reach approximately 900 students. We did that in 3 different days. When we got there on the second day, one teacher told us that the students were so impacted by the message that they used the chalkboard in their classroom as their "sketchboard" to share the message that they heard from us to the students who were absent on the day when we preached to their class! Also, the teachers told us that they talked a lot to the students about the program when they were in class. Since the first meeting at this school, the teachers showed us much gratitude. Many times, when we met them while walking in the school, they mentioned how they liked it. When we went there for the last meeting, a group of teachers talked to us a lot sharing how important our work was for the students, how it impacted them. We had great conversations, and we could see that the Lord worked powerfully there. We are very grateful for the privilege to serve Him at the Brazilian public schools.


On June 4- 11 we had our mission trip to Bolivia in order to help our local staff Robson & Cristhiane (with their 3 children). Douglas Lopes, our staff member in Campinas, took the team this time. They related great things that the Lord did. Many people were reached, our local staff there were very encouraged, and the team come bock rejoicing about how God talked to them during this trip.

Praise our great God for all this fruit! Robson and his family have been doing a wonderful work in Bolivia, reaching many Indian communities in partnership with pastors with the goal to raise workers who could possibly be full time pastors in these villages.


In our last newsletter, we asked you to pray for a possible new staff member. Now, with great joy, we want to announce that this man for whom we asked you to pray has been accepted as a staff member of WP BRAZIL. His name is Wagner Alves. I met Wagner on a mission trip to Africa. Following that significant trip we kept talking about missions, and he always showed the desire to be involved with us in our evangelism ministry. Wagner also served beautifully on our Amazon boat mission trip in March. So, after a lot of prayer and conversations through all the admission process, he was officially admitted. We thank the Lord for one more worker to help us here in the Sao Paulo area! Please, keep praying for Wagner, as he is taking this new very important step in his life. Pray for his support, as he has already renounced his professional life and now is trusting God to supply for his needs. He is a man who loves God's Word and is thirsty to proclaim His salvation.


Camila's Be Amazing Brazil continues serving churches by helping them to develop discipleship and Bible studies. Be Amazing Brazil accomplished the Be Amazing Home ( a house where Camila and her volunteers offer a Bible retreat for women in 4 days) in Brasilia, our federal capital. We had 17 women attend who were leaders in their church women's ministries. We are working this year with the theme "Faith over Fear" to bring encouragement and strength for the women to continue fulfilling their call to their families and communities. It was a very blessed time! One week after this event, we received a letter from a participant saying that for many years she suffered with a very strong feeling of guilt, with a very sick soul. This was because she had suffered sexual abuse, and because of that she could not develop good relationships. However, through the discipleship tools that God used during this retreat, she learned to fight against these feelings with the Lord’s help. Today she is leading the Be Amazing Bible study in ministry all over the country, reaching women everywhere! Moreover, 120 online students have just graduated through the leading of our regional leaders. Among these students, we already have some who are going to start groups in their local churches.


• For your faithful prayers and support;
• For the trip to Recife;
• For the trip to Bolivia;
• For our new staff member Wagner.


• For our next mission trip to the Northeast to help
Tioga and his family;
• For the Be Amazing Home in Orlando;
• For the support of Tioga Leonart;
For the support of Wagner Alves.

Precious God's family in the USA, thank you for reading our news. We praise God for all you have been doing for us! You have done a lot. We pray for the Lord’s blessing over you and all your family. May His Grace and Love be with you!

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