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Mission Partner Update - The Pridemores

Mission Partner Update - The Pridemores

by on November 22, 2022

Staff was busy this month with retreats and trips to college campuses looking for students to hire for next summer. We have had some really great contacts. Some students have already filled out applications for a position for next summer. This is a very good sign for how our hiring will go. We also have had some really great retreats. We had a couple groups over 200. We got very good comments from those who attended these retreats.

These groups are already planning on coming back next year. Several have showed an interest in bringing a mission team to help during our weeks of camp next summer.
We also had a very successful fundraising dinner where Steve Harvey attended and spoke to the crowd about our ministry with the urban underserved kids. Over 500 attended the dinner. The crowd enjoyed Steve and loved the comments from some of the campers, their urban partners. and a couple of counselors. They all had a major impact on those at the dinner. It is great to look behind the barn and see the new land we now have for the camp.

God continues to be at work at Camp Grace. Our weight room is about to be built by a group from Builders for Christ We were hoping it would be done by the end of this month but the Builders for Christ group had to go finish another project they were doing in Tennessee so they probably won't get to us for another month. It's God's timing so we try not to get anxious! We also are getting closer to starting the construction of our new learning center. We have big plans for this new building that will take our kids to another level of the ministry with them. 

Our family is having a great fall. School is going well for all of the grandkids. Emma who goes to preschool on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday is so excited to go to school She often calls us on her way to school. She has a big smile on her face when she tells us she is on her way to school. Baseball is going well for Caleb and Collier. Golf is going well for Bryan. He has won a number of tournaments. Haley is doing well with her cross-country and has gotten to play in a basketball tournament this month also where she did really well. we got to go to Hilton Head with Alyson and Zach and Bryan and Haley over Labor Day weekend and had a wonderful relaxing time.

we do have some prayer requests. Please pray that we have a great turnout for our annual golf tournament that is being held in November. Pray that we are able to introduce the ministry to more people through this event Pray that it will help bring funds to Camp) Grace and pray that it will be good weather. If you haven't signed up for this yet please go to our website and register right away. Pray for our recruiting efforts. Pray that God will select the right people for our 2023 summer staff and pray that they decide early to join our team.

We pray for you and your families often. We pray that God will bless you and watch over you. We are so thankful for your support It is because of you that we are able to
continue to be a part of this ministry that God has given to touch the lives of so many urban underserved kids.

We love and appreciate you.

In God's love and grace,
Dave and Susie Pridemore

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