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Medical Missions Ministries Partner Update

Medical Missions Ministries Partner Update

by Debi Turner on June 13, 2022

This past Spring God sent a mission/medical/dental trip of 12 team members to the Brazil Amazon River for 10 days to share Jesus with four villages. We had the privilege of ministering with and encouraging our church supported missionaries, Bruno, Camila and Mariana Costa, of Worldwide Proclamation. We would like to thank the members, attenders, and staff of Fellowship for supporting us in prayer and financially during our team's mission trip to four (4) remote villages along the Amazon.  We could not imagine what the Lord had prepared in advance for us to walk, but in faith we stepped out of our comfort zone, relied on the Lord and experienced His goodness in the land of the living. 
Some highlights from our trip:
We visited 4 villages in a boat along the Amazon River, 810 heard the gospel, MANY received Christ, lives were changed, marriages saved, a king drug dealer fled from Manaus with his mother to a village we visited and received Christ at our evening meeting! These and many more stories!

Our medical team served 399 patients, and our dental team 139 patients. One village is only visited by a doctor one day every year. We took thousands of dollars of medical and dental supplies for the villagers, thanks to your generous support.

The tools that we used to share the gospel with the villagers were the Redeemer skit, various Sketchboard presentations (using a black light at night), team testimonies, the Chemical Cross, the Wordless Book (and Wordless Bracelets), and one-on-one sharing individually and in small groups.

As I write this, I continue to hear more stories of the Lord's working in and through the people who went on this trip. 

Please know that your offerings were multiplied for the one task we are commanded to do until His return…Grow His Kingdom!
Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19

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