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Johan & Lilli Lukasse

Johan & Lilli Lukasse

by on August 10, 2022

From the song of Deborah, Judges 5

"Now that the leaders in Israel have taken charge, now that the people have given themselves willingly, PRAISE THE LORD!" (verse 2) "The people of the Lord descended to me with the heroes." (verse 13)
But: "In the ranks of Reuben the deliberations of the heart were great." (verse 16)
 Deborah was living in a distressed time: Israel had been at the mercy of the enemy through her own fault. Twenty years of oppression. Then Deborah stood up: a woman who was a prophetess. She took the initiative, believed in God and His deliverance of Israel.
"It's hard to be optimistic these days," was written in big letters in the newspaper at our place; that's the current situation in Europe and the world.

In the song that Deborah sang, there are mentioned heroes who went along and another line who stayed at home with the sheep or by the sea. Of the latter, it is mentioned: "that their deliberations were many".
This is the difference in mentality. Do we believe that God also acts in these times or do we have all kinds of reasons (deliberations) not to move?

 Blossoms between the pavement, Life is victorious

New plans for the Balkans

The Evangelical congregation Kortessem in Flanders, which served for 7 years in Serbia, by regularly going with a small group to help poor and needy people and at the same time to transmit a beautiful testimony in word and deed. The 7 agreed years were completed, then came Corona, but now it is possible again. So they called me: Johan, where in the Balkans can we best serve, where is the urgency and opportunity? From a small local congregation in the Balkans, help, and trust that that group is built up and grows. That people come to conversion and receive the necessary help.

Hard ground in the Balkans and a challenge in Portugal. God gave water from the rock, nothing is impossible!


We expect Fabiano back soon from his 3-month trip in America. In the meantime, the work in Portugal has continued well because competent people were prepared. In my digital communication with Fabiano, I learned that in the meantime he has received an invitation to come and present our method of "church-foundation-movement" also in Italy. He would also like me to come to Portugal again this year for ongoing instruction and encouragement. That is a real prayer topic. Is that still possible for me?

My book in English

That is still a plan in the pipeline. It is currently being read and commented on by a few people. Then comes the biggest prayer topic: finding a publisher. I do have some good relationships with known people in the United States who are willing to recommend it.

Family Corner

That's quite a list this time.
# Marijke, our oldest granddaughter, is getting married on August 26. We are very happy about that. She is the daughter of Lydia, our middle daughter. Her husband-to-be, Frank, is a secondary school teacher just like her, but at a different school. The acquaintance arose in the teachers’ room when both were still working at the same school. Only many years later did something blossom between them.
# At the same time, we received the news of becoming great-grandparents. Marijke's brother Jonathan and his girlfriend Sofie are expecting their first child by the end of the year. Now we are really starting to feel old. Happy news all and double celebration for Lydia and Freddy.

# Lizanne, the second daughter of Esther, our youngest, has asked to be baptized. That is scheduled for Sunday, September 11. We are looking forward to that. She is now attending preparatory Bible instruction on that blessed event.
# Aleida, the oldest daughter of Esther, passed her exam with distinction for a bachelor of ergotherapy.  
# Lilli and I? Yes, if you read all that info, you would start to feel old yourself. Lilli then always says, there is no shame in that because we have lived it up ourselves and we are old, but still healthy and together. Some people help us to look back and remember stories.

God has been particularly good to us, is the conclusion. We may also continue to work, but at a somewhat slower pace.

Praise and prayer points

 Praise the Lord for:
# Our health, which apart from a few minor complaints is reasonably good
# The church in Kortessem, which wants to continue its service in the Balkan countries
# The church foundation in Portugal, which is going well
# The family blessing that we are able to experience
Pray the Lord for:
# The family events; as you note, "prayers of faith" are needed there as well
# For the publication of my book in English, that it may succeed and be a blessing
# May our health endure, especially for Lilli, but also for me, as my age is starting to show
# The plans we want to make for our congregation, for Portugal and the Balkans
# The Ukraine: that the war will end soon and that the people with pain and sorrow will continue to be helped.

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