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Fran Gregory

Fran Gregory

by on July 12, 2022

Health and Family Update

I am still under the care of the neurologist. All the symptoms from the vaccine reaction persist, however, in the past couple of weeks I feel as if I may have FINALLY turned a corner to the positive. Prayers for that to be true would be much appreciated. I had a follow-up appointment with the neurologist this past Thursday. I wasn't having a "good" day but even still, he told me that he was very pleased with what he saw. He is leaning towards releasing me for travel but wants me to try an additional medication to assist with the persistent adverse symptoms. He told me that he still believes I will be at 100% at some point...however, it could take up to two years for that to be the case. Even with this knowledge, he agreed that with the way I am being sustained and making progress, he maintains that I should be able to travel. For now, that will be with assistance but he is fairly certain that, given my current recovery rate, I should be able to travel solo at some point in the near future (hopefully before the year is out).

Thank you all for your prayers while my family processed the loss of my sister-in-law. While presiding over my sister-in-law’s funeral, I was actually held up by the Lord and had the opportunity to share the Gospel. As a result, I was blessed to perform a baptism a couple of weeks later! I am praying that some of the seeds planted will be blessed by the Holy Spirit and will continue to grow.

Ministry Continues

The Lord continues to move ministry activities forward even in my current state... confirmation that it’s always about God’s movement and what the Holy Spirit does through us rather than what we do as individuals. In fact, to quote one of the pastors of my home church in a recent conversation, "It seems as if even in your current state His ministry in you has actually increased in several areas". This couldn't be a truer statement. I am so very excited to witness the Lord's movement in how He chooses to flow through ministry.

Read on below for an update on everything going on presently and what's coming up in the future...both locally and globally!

Germany: It's official! Germany has removed the requirement of a vaccine card which means that, when I am able, I will be able to enter the country. What a HUGE answer to prayer! I continue reaching out to the Inner Circle as well as with new believers from my time in Köln. I am praying to be in Germany later this year for a couple of months. Hopefully, I can expand on that for you in the next newsletter.
Greece: Remote bible studies and discipleship discussions continue with "A" from Greece. He is being encouraged to become a disciple-maker with his parents... pray for this challenge due to cultural difficulties. Additionally, EuroRelief has contacted me concerning returning ministry in the Lesvos Camp as well as a new camp on the island of Samos.
Africa: As mentioned in the last newsletter, planning sessions have resumed for developing the women's group in Zambia. We are tentatively discussing a trip for this summer. The plan is to begin building the community group in person for a few weeks and facilitate a two-Saturday workshop. Additionally, there are discussions currently taking place that may result in a deeper involvement with the Days for Girls initiative. More details will be sent out for prayer for all these efforts as they develop. I am also working with the WIPHAN ministry organization by assisting them with some packaging designs for the products made by the sponsored widow programs. I am prayerfully looking to go to Africa for approximately three weeks in the August timeframe. I will be going with assistance. Please pray for all the logistics and funding to be provided for.
Locally: The Lord is activating and sustaining several areas in ministry locally. Here's a quick rundown of those activities:

The women's group is thriving. We keep it small so that we can go deep... The same philosophy as the Inner Circle in Köln. The ladies graciously come to my home since I cannot drive yet. :-)

A new one-on-one study focused on prayer has also begun with one of the ladies from the original group.
The Lord has opened up pathways with young adults/teens. This area of ministry is bearing fruit and has a heavy focus on prayer. We have been addressing many serious issues in this demographic including suicide and gender identity… pretty heavy stuff which is why prayer is a HUGE focus with them.

There are new opportunities to hold some workshops on prayer journaling in small groups with the women at my home church and within the community This is a new opportunity that the Lord has literally placed in my lap born from a passion He has burdened my heart with. The pilot workshop is happening this Thursday (6/2). If I hold up well enough and the feedback is positive from the two inaugural participants, then I will begin opening it up to multiple sessions. The plan is to work through the women's ministry at my home church and also through connections with a couple of small groups.
I am filled with gratitude that the Lord continues to confirm my call to serve him, even in my weakness.

Pray for Ukraine

I mentioned to you in the last newsletter that Greater Europe Mission is working with approximately 23 or so partners to assist with immediate humanitarian needs, support during transitions, and as always focus on making disciples and growing Christ's church.

You can hear the latest updates and join us for a time of prayer Each Friday at 16h00 CET at https://live.gemission.org.

As mentioned earlier, EuroRelief has contacted me to return to service in the refugee camps in Greece. They have also inquired about me assisting with the Ukrainian refugee relief activities in the surrounding countries. I have responded to them and let them know my current condition, but will certainly pray about working alongside them once I am able to physically.

Prayer & Praises

I am so very thankful for your prayers and continued sustaining support. These obedient generous provisions of your time and gifts enable me to continue in the Lord's service. Here is a summarized list of prayer and praise requests: Prayer is crucial to all ministry activities listed above. Thank you for walking with me on the journey that the Lord continues to drive me on.
Praises that I was able to share the Gospel during the funeral and for the following baptism!
Continued prayers for my brother and Karen's sister would be appreciated
Pray for Ukraine... for both the innocents and the aggressors
Prayers that I receive complete healing...and praises that the neurologist was so encouraged and has released me to travel with assistance.
Please pray that "A" who is now in Germany is able to keep his discipleship learning a focus and that is will be bold in discipling his parents despite the cultural roadblocks.

Please lift up plans we are making concerning African initiatives. Additionally, please keep the WIPHAN ministry in your prayers as they continue to serve the vulnerable in Africa.
In addition to the women that I will be ministering to, I have begun focusing on two young ladies... Nancy and Helena. The Lord tells us to look after the orphans and these two have a special place in my heart. Your prayers for them would be much appreciated.

Continued prayers for Jessica and her friends... may they keep searching and being open. Also please lift up her health, education, and safety.
Pray for Cuba. Pray for the people. Pray for the church.
Sustaining monthly support still needs to be recovered. Please consider joining my monthly support team so that I can continue to serve. Please also pray that existing supporters remain committed to supporting ministry as I fight to recover and heal.
Last, but certainly not least, please pray for my home church as they experience transitional changes in the missions department. May they seek the Lord's wisdom in all decisions. May they continue to partner with all the Lord is doing through His work in me both globally and locally.

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