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Cutting Room Floor: September 29, 2021

by Jason Cook on September 29, 2021

Hey Fam!

For this week’s Cutting Room Floor, I want to share with you the quotes from Charles Spurgeon and Lynn Cohick that I used in the sermon and a song that played in my head all of last week as I was preparing. 

Bloody Grace 
Repentance was never yet produced in any man's heart apart from the grace of God. As soon may you expect the leopard to regret the blood with which its fangs are moistened,—as soon might you expect the lion of the wood to abjure his cruel tyranny over the feeble beasts of the plain, as expect the sinner to make any confession, or offer any repentance that shall be accepted of God, unless grace shall first renew the heart.
—Charles Spurgeon

Singing Grace with all Creation
The resurrection of Jesus indicates that God did not reject his creation, but seeks to redeem it through Christ. Our worship and our mission should be eschatologically focused. That means we do away with the dualism between spirit and body, which in church missions looked like saving souls without tending to bodily needs. Instead, a humble church should sing notes of grace to the present world. God’s redemptive work establishing the church as a beachhead in this present age means that believers should engage in bringing God’s mercy, justice, and grace to our communities at all levels—schools, hospitals, and governments—as a real, natural, and expected part of the church’s conviction that Christ is now Lord of all, not just of believers’ hearts.
—Lynn Cohick

It Is Done - Iron City Worship 

In 2014 I had the honor of helping to plant a church in Birmingham, AL named Iron City Church. Over the years I’ve been blown away at the power of the Gospel at work in and through that body of believers. One of the blessings was getting to create worship/liturgy for the saints who called ICC home. The worship team there was comprised of psalters who faithfully led us to the throne of God. In the following video, you’ll hear one of the songs they wrote. Drew Kearney, one of the worship leaders for Iron City Worship is featured here. Take a listen and let this truth marinate in your soul. 

It is done (live) - Iron city worship, youtube

I love you deeply. See you Sunday!
Your brother, 
Pastor Jason

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