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Cutting Room Floor - September 28, 2022

Cutting Room Floor - September 28, 2022

by Jason Cook on September 27, 2022


In this week’s CRF I wanted to take a closer look at the will of God as well as drop a few notable quotes I couldn’t fit into the sermon. SN: Courtney and I will likely be welcoming baby Cook #4 within the next 9-10 days so please pray for a smooth delivery, Courtney’s health, and for us to be able to exude the joy of Jesus to the medical staff that is present. This assumes, of course, that we actually make it to the hospital. You can pray for that as well (please, pray for that!).
Let’s dive in.

Will of God, Reprised

There are 27 references to the will of God. When you take them into consideration along with the entirety of scripture, God’s revealed will can be seen as a cosmic endeavor to bring shalom in and through his people. Some might say the will of God is for all men and women to be saved. To which I would say that is certainly a major piece of the will of God, but not its entirety. Some would argue that the will of God is readily seen in the love and service for the poor and marginalized. This is a necessary piece of the will of God but still, this too falls short. God’s revealed will to his people is a totalizing will that does not segment parts and parcels of our lived existence from another. God is after all of it. His will is totalizing in that it encompasses the physical, the spiritual, and the cosmological. Understanding God’s will in this way keeps us from viewing salvation as a finish line instead of the starting line in our relationship with Jesus. Viewing God’s will through this lens also keeps insulates us from exclusive mercy and justice work that dismisses the sacred importance of the human soul. For God, his revealed will is clearly seen in the Garden, the Lord’s Prayer, and the marriage supper of the Lamb. In the Garden there’s wholeness. As we pray for things on earth to mirror things in heaven, we’re praying for shalom — wholeness. And at the marriage supper of the Lamb, when we will recreate the upper room meal and leave the communion rehearsals behind, there is wholeness. God wills that all things in all places be whole. He does this in his family and through his family. Everyone, everywhere experiencing shalom. This is a huge mission. You might call is a God-sized mission. It is, to be certain, a mission worth living for.

Notable Quotes I Couldn’t Fit In

Each week I consult several commentaries, sermons, scholarly journals, and inter-textual evidence to develop my sermon. As a matter of course I am unable to include all of them in the sermonic moment. So, here are a few block quotes from two commentaries that I found helpful and illuminating but was unable to fit in. There are only two kinds of people: those who sit on the inside at Jesus’ feet and those who stand on the outside with false assumptions. Discipleship depends on being in Jesus’ presence and doing God’s will, which are the essential characteristics of apostleship outlined in 3:14–15 (also Luke 11:27–28!). Edwards, J. R. (2002). The Gospel according to Mark“It is clear from the context, as well as from the editorial note in v. 30, that Mark has interpreted this as the deliberate refusal to acknowledge the activity of God’s Spirit in Jesus’ ministry: it is the attitude which makes a man attribute the work of God to Satan and confuse goodness and evil, truth and falsehood. Such behaviour indicates that an individual is guilty of an eternal sin; his attitude of mind is so fixed and obstinate that it forms a permanent obstacle between God and man.” Hooker, M. D. (1991). The Gospel According to Saint Mark

“True disciples are with Jesus (so 3:13) and do the will of God. They are Jesus’ true family. False disciples attempt to restrain Jesus from his mission or redirect him to another. This is dangerously mistaken and potentially as blasphemous as confusing Jesus with Satan. To seek to avert Jesus from his mission is satanic, as Jesus’ stinging rebuke of Peter later indicates, “ ‘Out of my sight, Satan! You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men’. ” (8:33). Edwards, J. R. (2002). The Gospel According To Mark.

Finally, mark your calendars for this upcoming Sunday as we welcome Dr. Crawford Loritts back home to preach! I’m looking forward to hearing from him and being with you.

With Love,

Pastor Jason

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