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Cutting Room Floor: October 12, 2021

by Jason Cook on October 12, 2021

This week’s CRF is a praise to the Lord for worship on Sunday, a reminder to believe the truth, and an encouragement for those of us (me!) who find it easy to believe lies.

The Lord is Good!
What an incredible morning of meeting with Jesus! I was so encouraged by how the Holy Spirit met us in our weakness and caused our hearts to exult in the King.

One of the prayers that I pray before I preach reminds me of the gift of God’s presence, Lord, I don’t invite you to this worship service. It is you who invites us to worship you. Would your kindness be manifest in your presence this morning?

He met with us on Sunday in a particular way. Praise be to His name!

5 Lies We Believe According to Nouwen
Henri Nowen, the world-famous Dutch Catholic priest, writer, and theologian says there are 5 basic lies of identity.
  • I am what I have.
  • I am what I do.
  • I am what other people say or think of me.
  • I am nothing more than my worst moment.
  • I am nothing less than my best moment.

Friend, remember to believe this truth today: in Christ, whatever you believe about yourself that is not also true about Jesus, is a lie.

Hey, You Beautiful Masterpiece!
One indelible truth from Sunday that has informed how I think of myself before the face of God (Coram Deo) is the reality that in Christ as a part of His church, I am God’s inheritance. What a revolutionary proposition! Richard Coekin puts it nicely here.

God Almighty, who could have provided anything he wanted for his enjoyment in eternity, has chosen to enjoy forever with saved and sanctified sinners like us…And his plan is to bring us all ‘on vacation’ into the glories of his eternal ‘rest’—to enjoy our company and shower us with abundant blessings forever as his inheritance!
—Richard Coekin, Ephesians For You

That’s you! That’s me! Praise be to God for Christ’s redeeming work!

Struggling to Believe
For those who may struggle to believe the truth of Ephesians 1:15-21 and don’t feel it applies to you, I hope you are encouraged by another who desired to believe but wrestled with the doubts of Jesus’ work. A father watching his son being taken over by demonic spirits cries out to Jesus in a moment of doubt, I believe! Help my unbelief!

My prayer for Us
Jesus, help our unbelief, by your power and in your name, Amen.

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