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by Carson Weitnauer on August 30, 2021

Nearly everyone loves a good conversation.

And if you look online, we are more empowered to speak than ever before. But as Peter Parker aka Spider-Man said, “With great power comes great responsibility.” Are you ready for the conversations that are taking place in your community?

The conversations are global, diverse, and quickly changing. Some of them are long overdue. Others might make us feel afraid, worried, or uncertain about the relevance and value of our faith in today’s world.

In fact, there are so many conversations taking place, simultaneously, that it can feel overwhelming. What’s going on? How do I make sense of it? How can I enter these conversations with both love and truth?

In the Conversations community at Fellowship Bible Church, we see these conversations as an opportunity. Each conversation gives us new insight into the hearts and minds of our neighbors. What are their concerns? What are their priorities? How can we pray for them? And… what would it look like to participate in the conversation and represent Christ well?

The vision for this community — formerly called Ask Your Question — is to be a community that faces difficult questions together. We say it like this: "Conversations provides a welcoming environment where we explore challenging questions about life, reality, and God with compassion and candor.”

This fall we will take the time to focus on three conversations:

October 3: A Conversation About Polarization

November 21: A Conversation About Gender Identity

December 26: A Conversation About Authority (and its abuse)

In the weeks preceding these conversations, we will be studying these topics from a variety of angles, including our personal experiences, cultural authorities, and the truth of the Scriptures.

It is our hope and prayer that by having these conversations at church we will be more prepared to have these conversations everywhere else.

As Peter Parker also once said, "I just want to go on a trip with my friends.” As we face these difficult questions together, we invite you and your friends to be part of the journey.

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