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Blessed From Blessing

by Maria Montenegro on July 20, 2021

Let us join in praise to God!!!

With great joy, we share with you that our back-to-school outreach, Be Blessed, on Saturday, July 10, was a tremendous success!

We served elementary and middle school students and their families. It was a huge blessing for hundreds of families in the community. We were able to provide backpacks filled with school supplies and bags of groceries.

We had never seen so many families crying while they were sharing their prayer needs. They were grieving for the loss of a loved relative, or because somebody else in the family group was in the hospital or sick at home. They were sharing how hard has been with their finances during this pandemic and how all kind of fears and death have been around them. 

Multicultural families were served and blessed. They were grateful to God and Fellowship Bible Church for doing this outreach for the community. They received a word of hope and left the facilities knowing that God loves and cares for them, and we as His people—His church—are right here to help them, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 

This past Sunday, four families came to church as guests from the outreach, and two families decided to give their lives to God! They received Christ as their personal Savior for the first time!!!

We as Fellowship En Español served together with joy and love and unity. We are His Church. We are Fellowship Bible Church en Español!

Help us to continue praying for all these people so the seed that was planted in their hearts may give fruit soon for His Glory.


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