HisKids Things to Know

    What ages/grades are in HisKids? 

    Kindergarten through grade 5


    When does HisKids meet? 

    During the 11am service on Sundays. Children who attend the 9:15am service will be moved to the HisKids classrooms by Children's Ministry staff. 


    What is the start date of HisKids for this school year?  

    HisKids is already in session but typically starts the first Sunday after Labor Day. The second session starts at the beginning of January. Parents are asked to attend a parent information meeting at the start of each session.


    Does HisKids meet at other times in addition to Sunday morning? 

    Yes, the Saturday before the Christmas presentation and the Saturday before the spring presentation are possibilities and families should plan for this. HisKids calendars are available at the start of the season in late August and again in January.


    What if we miss a few Sundays? 

    Families are asked to commit to attending regularly in order for the children to experience the learning.


    When is the program presentation?  

    The Christmas presentation will be Sunday, December 8, 2019. The spring presentation in 2020 is still to be determined. 


    Is HisKids a year-round program? 

    His Kids meets during the school year. There are no summer classes.


    What is the fee for HisKids? 

    There is no registration fee. Optional donations may be requested for HisKids t-shirts, practice CDs, or other items as needed.


    Are all children on the waitlist placed in the program at the beginning of the next session? 

    There is a limit to the number of children in the program each session. When space allows new children from the waitlist are placed in the program. HisKids is currently on a waitlist for the January session.