Discipleship Pathway

    The Discipleship Pathway

    Worship Gathering - Through weekly worship and teaching we grow (UP) as disciples.

    Through weekly Group Life we learn to love one another as Christ has loved us. This type of community helps us grow (UP) as we study the bible together, (IN) with our brothers and sisters in Christ as we learn to love one another through community, and (OUT) as we serve our friends and neighbors together. 

    Through serving our brothers and sister in Christ we live out of our servant identity and bless our church family. Serving others helps us grow (UP) with God through obedience, (IN) with one another through love, and (OUT) with the world as we live as the hands and feet of King Jesus. Serving doesn’t just happen inside our church walls. We also serve the world around us together as a family of disciple-makers.

    Through faithfulness to one another, in D-groups we mature as disciples who make disciples. D-groups help us grow (UP) as we study the scriptures together, (IN) as we live vulnerably with one another, and (OUT) with the world as we demonstrate and declare the good news of the gospel to one another and our seeking friends.

    Through engaging with God and His mission throughout the world we learn to bring the (UP), (IN), and (OUT) into balance in our everyday lives in order to become more fruitful disciple-makers.

    Do you want to be better equipped to make disciples of Jesus? We are here to help you. 

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