Money Missionary

As the financial crisis maintains its grip on our country, we have experienced the church rising to the occasion, caring for hurting people inside and reaching out to our community. At Fellowship, we have a rich heritage of generosity - a benevolence fund to help the hurting has always been a part of our mission. But last fall, we renewed our vision as we responded to God calling us to more. It began with our Generosity Initiative, where our body has given over $300,000 to pay critical expenditures for Fellowship families in need, to aid members of our surrounding community and to send help all the way around the world to refugees in Lebanon. 

The CBS Evening News featured our own, Kevin Cross, reporting on Fellowship's continued efforts to lead people toward financial freedom and to partner with those in crisis. 

As the hands and feet of Jesus to those around us, Fellowship has been invited to experience first-hand the joy and exhilaration of living in obedience and witnessing true "kingdom impact"!

It's the goal of the Generosity Team to steward God's resources well to aid those in need and invest in the kingdom through the ministries of Fellowship Bible Church.

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