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Why Fellowship Takes Short-term Mission Trips


Starting this week, Fellowship will start sending out summer mission teams.  With more than 20 teams going out throughout the summer (and two this week), it’s good to pause and ask the question “why.”  Why does Fellowship take short-term trips (STT)? There are several reasons:

  • To proclaim the gospel to the nations. The Great Commission is for everyone.  Every Christ-follower should take the good news of Jesus to “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” STT help facilitate the command and joy-filled opportunity to live out the Great Commission. 
  • To glorify God by making disciples in response to the gospel of Jesus Christ. At Fellowship, our mission statement is: “We exist to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus who love God passionately and love others unconditionally.” 
  • To provide encouragement to long-term mission partners by participating in ministry with them. Fellowship has many in our congregation who know our mission partners personally, pray for them regularly, and give to missions generously. 
  • To provide prayer support to mission partners and their local churches. When someone goes on a STT, prayer becomes much more real and fervent. 
  • To disciple trip participants with a vision of God’s heart for the nations. At Fellowship, we define a disciple as “one who abides in Christ, reflects His character and conduct, and leads others to do the same.” Jesus has a heart for the nations and as His followers we want to mirror His heart and conduct. 
  • To develop leaders within Fellowship. 
  • To lead the members and attendees of Fellowship to consider their mid-term or long-term involvement in the mission of God.


This week, please pray for Fellowship’s two mission teams serving this month:

Guatemala/ Medical Missions Ministries, May 20 - 27 – This college age team will share the gospel at medical clinics in rural villages. 

Rome/GEM, May 25 – June 5 – This team will work alongside churches in various evangelism efforts.  Please pray the same prayer Jesus prayed to the Father that the eyes and ears of those they meet will be open to the good news in this spiritually dark city. There are approximately 4400 evangelicals in a city of over 3 million so there will be no shortage of souls to reach.


Kris Eldridge | Mission Pastor
770.641.5649 | email

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