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Sharing Christ's Love in Central Asia


Last summer, one of Fellowship’s young adults, Nia M., felt a burden for the unreached and stepped out in faith to share the gospel in central Asia. Below are excerpts from her recent newsletter. Please keep Nia and those she is serving in your prayers.

Dearest Friends and Family,

March has flown! This month has consisted of a lot of unknowns and a lot of unanswered questions, but we can trust that the Father is sovereign and nothing is outside of His power or good intentions. I am so grateful for y’all lifting me up to the Comforter as He is the only One who can bring true peace. Know that I am also lifting you up.


We have gotten to spend a lot of time with the kids this month, which I’ve loved, especially since in the beginning of May, most of them will be headed stateside. I’ve gotten to have two “sleep-overs” this month! What a joy it is to spend time with these kids, whether having deeper conversations or just dancing around and playing together. With homeschool, we have gotten a chance to really pour into each of the kids. At this point, they trust us enough to ask about things they really care about, and this is the highlight of my week. As I begin to think through what long-term would look like here, much of it is tied to continuing this work. Please lift up the remaining month I get to spend homeschooling as well as the planning and prayerful research in figuring out what it would look like to start a homeschool co-op here longer term.


Vera has become a dear friend and we’ve begun to hang out on a more regular basis. Praise the Father that we have been able to share the Truth with her! After we watched an episode of a television show we all love in which the main character died, Megan asked what she believed happens to people when they die. She told us, explaining the time in purgatory until Judgment Day, and the need to do good things to be approved on that Day.  When she asked Megan in return, and Megan explained that our goodness could never cover our sins, due to the great offense against such a perfect Father, but that One came and lived perfectly in our place and died the death we deserve in our place, conquering death in resurrection. Pray for this friend and her heart, that the Word would sink deep and that she would repent and believe!

English Club: 

With a new semester, there have been fewer volunteers available to help with English Club. This continues to be one of the most natural places to make friends and deepen relationships. Please continue to lift up this avenue, and the fellowship that runs it. They are such a sweet congregation and we are so grateful for their place in the community. Ask that the Father will bring maturity to their congregation and raise up more young men to take leadership in the fellowship.

I am so thankful that it is our task to rely on the Lord to bring this good fruit about and not strive to take control of the things over which we have no real control. To me, it is freeing to know that the Father has not asked me to save anyone. He has not asked me to keep anyone from straying. He has not asked me to keep His Body in one piece. Those are all things He has promised to do Himself. Salvation belongs to our God. It is His hand that will save, His hand that will guard, and His hand that will unify. Take rest with me as we strive to be faithful in sharing Truth, being an instrument of grace, and ambassadors of reconciliation, but never forgetting Who is doing the real work.

Grace and Peace be to you all.

Nia M.


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