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Pray for July's Short-Term Mission Teams


This July, Fellowship has nine short-term mission teams serving locally and globally.

These Fellowship families are living out the good works that God has prepared for them by serving on a short-term mission team.  Please take some time to pray for them.





Mission Trip Dates



July 1-11

Kaliningrad, Russia / Change30

Bob Zurcher

July 6-11

Trinidad / Solid Rock Ministries

Mary Sorrentino / Shelly Hassanali

July 8-15

Guatemala / Medical Missions Ministries

High School / Joel Diaz

July 8-15

Guatemala / Medical Missions Ministries

Middle School / Paul Bickford

July 17-23

Atlanta / Missioncation

Christina Lennon

July 21-28

Poland / Rivers of Praise -International Volunteer Festival - Kontact

Verna Law

July 28 -August 6

Poland / Rivers of Praise - Fish Arts Camp

Verna Law

July 29-August 5

Guatemala / Medical Missions Ministries

David Womack

Please pray specifically for the following:

  • Good weather during each mission trip
  • Opportunities to share the gospel
  • Discipleship of new believers (effective follow-up by local mission partners)
  • Partnering ministries to be strengthened and encouraged by our presence
  • That our teams will catch the vision of God’s heart for people who don’t know Him
  • Unity among the teams / spiritual warfare
  • Increased credibility and opportunity for our partnering organizations (because we were there)
  • For God’s favor
  • Discipleship of the team members, and their children
  • That this trip will not be a “one and done” for our teams (pray that it will be a conduit to more intentional, ongoing “mission as life” lifestyle)
  • For God’s glory


Kris Eldridge | Mission Pastor
770.641.5649 | email

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