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New Year's Eve and Disciple-Making

When we think of New Year’s Eve, we typically don’t think about it as a disciple-making opportunity. However, this might be one of our best opportunities of the year to rub shoulders with people who don’t know Jesus. 

Go to a party or have a party!

People love to get together to celebrate the New Year.  If you are invited to a New Year’s Eve party by someone you don’t think is a Christ-follower, go!  If you haven’t been invited to one, why not host one for your co-workers and/or neighbors?  If you host one, don’t just invite your Christian friends - PRAY about whom the Lord would want you to invite.

Be intentional, but have fun!

The goal of the evening is to build relationships. Play some fun games together, laugh together, and just have fun together. This is probably not a good night to ambush your guests with the 4 spiritual laws – unless the Lord obviously opens that door. Instead, focus on developing relationships and enjoying a pleasant evening together.

Schedule follow-up times together

Don’t let New Year’s Eve be the only time you get together with your non-Christian friends.  Schedule follow up dinners where you can deepen the relationships and move toward spiritual conversations.

So, rather than staying at home watching television, use this great opportunity to get out there and make disciples of Jesus!


Tim Beard

Pastor of Ministry Advancement, Fellowship Bible Church


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