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Leading Your Family to Engage in Mission


Summer is almost here!  For the Fellowship Mission department, that means short-term mission trips will be underway! Many individuals and families will take part in those opportunities to engage the nations.

If you have been at Fellowship for any length of time, you have heard that going and making disciples should be a high priority for all who follow Jesus. Some families (like the above) are being called this summer to go to the nations to proclaim the gospel among those who have not had a chance to hear.

These families will come back with stories that will certainly be inspiring, and hopefully many more families will join them in the future. However, not everyone will respond to this call to make disciples by going abroad (at least not this summer).

As we see in Acts 1:8, however, this command of Jesus to make disciples is not just for those going to the “end of the earth.” Jesus commanded his followers to be his witnesses both near and far, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 ESV)

So what does God’s mission look like for those of us who are not going to engage the nations? How can families best obey this commandment of our Lord to make disciples and be his witnesses right where they are?

Not Activity, But Identity

Sometimes, when a family hears this call to engage in God’s mission, what they actually hear is that they need to “do more things” in order to engage.  And if their calendar is full, as it always seems to be for those of us who live in North Atlanta, the message to make disciples can feel like a burden or “one more thing we have to do.”

If your family’s calendar is full, the chances are that your family is coming into close, regular contact with neighbors who do not know Christ. Your son’s sport’s team, your daughter’s gymnastics, your PTA meeting, the neighbors in your subdivision, and your hobbies/interest – these are all mission fields ripe for the harvest.

What most families need is not to do more things, but to live out their calling as missionaries in the things they are already doing. To engage in mission, families don’t need a shift in activity, but a shift in identity. As Christ followers, we are not people who “do ministry.” We are not people who “do mission.” We are missionaries.  As we live out our identity as missionaries, we will start to see our everyday activities as opportunities to engage others with the good news of Jesus.


Kris Eldridge | Mission Pastor
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