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Engage Neighbors and Nations – Pray for our Fellowship Mission Partners (part 2)

Prayer does not fit us for the greater work; prayer is the work. – Oswald Chambers.

Please pray for our Fellowship mission partners:

Germany/Nate Mathis

  • Continued health and endurance for the many travel and training trips around the region that are needed.
  • Continued learning about the people I am working with.
  • Ever closer communion with the Lord Jesus to sustain focus on who He wants me to be and what to do among all the people here.

Germany/Fran and Jessica Gregory

  • Pray for our relationship with local organizations and churches to be continuously strengthened.  Additionally pray for the local churches to develop an evangelistic heart to reach the many immigrants that are rebuilding their lives in this city.  It will be through nurturing our relationships with these local believers by disciplining and encouraging them to reach out that the greatest impact can be made long term.  
  • Please pray for the city reach efforts as we are searching for new ways to reach the immigrants as they become integrated into the culture here in Cologne. We will be having a meeting with our colleagues in the next week or so to discuss new directions that were laid out in Greece during a leadership meeting recently.
  • Pray for the blossoming ministry for the women in brothels to bring hope and bear fruit for the kingdom of God.  I am prayerfully approaching the newly forming women's ministry in a local church through which we are developing a partnership.  Pray for additional workers to rise up from this group of women that has a heart to serve alongside me in this ministry.  
  • Pray for wisdom and perseverance in ministering to youth.   Pray for multilingual resources that can be used in developing disciples out of the youth group.  Pray for protection over these young people as they discover gods calling for their own lives in reaching the lost.
  • Recently I have been presented with opportunities to utilize my TESOL certification in tutoring and teaching classes for people wishing to improve on or learn English. Please pray that these opportunities and others in the future will glorify God provide opportunities to share the gospel.  
  • Pray for protection over all the kingdom workers in Köln, the spiritual darkness is thick here and can become overwhelming very quickly (this really applies to everyone everywhere, not just in Köln).
  • Pray that I can continue progressing towards fluency in this language.
  • Pray for our spiritual, mental, and physical health.

 Heart for Lebanon/Tom Atema

  • Pray for the literacy program that we started recently in Terbol with a number of Syrian women, that God would touch their hearts and souls, and gives them the spirit of understanding so that they can learn fast and invest their skills in reading and understanding the bible.
  • Pray for beneficiaries in the south area, the love of God is touching many people. Pray for their health and for a better living situation in Lebanon.
  • Pray for the children of the three H.O.P.E. Educational Programs. In Beirut a large number of kids are being abused by their fathers, and even mothers are victims of domestic violence; please pray for wisdom for our team as they work with these hard situations.
  • Pray for the Heart for Lebanon team that God will give them great wisdom in balancing home life and ministry life.

World Team/Steve and Ann Miller

  • Strength for the 18 10-month missionary trainees to finish the last 2+ months in a strong way as they share Christ with Unreached People Groups and International students that have joined a Discovery Bible Study.  It is easy for them to slow down and think of where they are going after the program ends in May.
  • Stamina for Ann and I as we mentor, train and assist our trainees in their last 2 months.  It has been a very challenging year and we are sensing some fatigue on our parts as well.
  • Pray for the 24 potential trainees that we have skyped with as they prepare to enter this 10 month challenge in life and ministry.  Their greatest pressing need is financial support for the year they are in New York City. 

Christ Life Ministries/Joy Sumner

  • For George Deuel and the people considering being on the work team going to Romania from June 23 to July 2 - Perry Davis, Ladd Shinn, Bob Smith and Eddie Muresan. Please pray for them by name.
  • That the Lord would set His schedule for what He would have done by and through these dear men during their time in Romania and make them a blessing.
  • For Istvan and Lidia Szabo, the 'father' and 'mother' of the LIdia and Dorcas Home children/young people, who are both having health problems. Istvan has been told that he has lumbago. Lidia's problems are more severe. She is in constant pain since the operation to reduce the size of a tumor in her head some years ago. She has medicine to take to relieve the pain, but Istvan says that the side effects of the medicine are worse than the pain. They are looking to the Lord to resolve these things.


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