Mark 16:7

“Just As He Told You”

 "But go, tell His disciples and Peter, 'He is going ahead of you to Galilee; there you will see Him, just as He told you.'" Mark 16:7

As we enter into Holy Week 2019 I am encouraged that I serve a God that does everything that He has said He would do and has fulfilled every promise He has made to us.  We are far removed from the events that occurred to Jesus but they are no less true than they are today.

The heart of my hope as a Christian (believer that Jesus Christ is my Savior) is that Christ our Lord conquered sin and death for us and provided the secure hope of our own resurrection and everlasting life with God in heaven.

When I read or think about the story of the resurrection, I try to put myself at the scene when the women arrived three days later at the tomb to prepare Jesus’ body with spices only to discover that the stone had been rolled away and Jesus’ body was  not there.  What was going on? Their first impression was to be afraid, not overjoyed that Jesus had done what He said He would do.  Before we are too harsh on them for their unbelief, think about how you might have processed this if it had been you.

The angel at the tomb tells the women “Don’t be alarmed” and that “Jesus was not there and He is Risen!” He instructs them to go tell the disciples, the same guys that had denied him a few days ago, that Jesus had beaten death and wants to see them in Galilee. Jesus had told them all that “After I am raised up, I will go before you to Galilee.”

What do these stories and promises mean to me? How does this apply to me in 2019? I have watched both of my parents pass away in a span of two and a half years. I have been the one to make the plans to bury them. They both have said to me, “We will see each other again”. The Resurrection becomes  “real” when people you know and love or you yourself are facing death.

These cease to become “nice stories” and “religious events” and become very real. It is a time to ask, do I really believe this?  How can I be sure? I no longer rely on various opinions or theories about the afterlife, I must decide. I do not always live my life as I should and I ask forgiveness for that. I trust in Who I pray to that I will be forgiven. He has paid the ultimate price and He has proven Himself worthy to be praised and trusted.

As I look forward to Easter, I am like the women as they came away from the tomb and the disciples in hiding with the words of Jesus and the good news, the gospel, fresh in my ears. I have not seen the risen Christ, but I know I will. He has gone before me into heaven and there we will see him – “Just as He Told Me.”