Sixth Grade Parents

Important Dates

Meet and Greet

July 23
Student Building

Parents of rising 6th graders are invited to meet Paul and the Student Ministry staff, get familiar with the Student Building and ask questions about Student Ministry.

Super Six Weekend 

August 4-5
7:00-9:00 pm
Student Building

An incredible experience just for sixth graders! They'll worship with the Student Ministry band, play incredible games and hear from Paul and other staff members.

Register here.

Parent Night

August 13
Student Building

Launch into the new school year with an event just for parents! We'll give you tools and resources to help you disciple your student and give you info on the new school year.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is my student's last day in Learning Center?

July 30 will be your student's last day in Children's Ministry. Their summer 5th-grade Learning Center classes will be available during 1st & 2nd hours for a final time on July 30th.

What are community groups?

Community Groups are a vital part of Student Ministry. In a large ministry, they are an intimate place where students can be truly known, connecting with God's Word and other students while building a strong relationship with Jesus. Groups meet during the 11:00 program and consist of a caring adult leader along with other students of the same gender and grade. Have your student sign up for a 2017-18 Sixth Grade Community Group before August 13th. 

What events are offered?

Beginning in the fall, Sixth graders are eligible to attend all of our events including Getaway, DNOW, mission trips and more. 

What topics are taught?

Every week students will hear a Bible-centered message from Paul. We cover a broad range of topics including how to have an abiding relationship with Jesus, spiritual disciplines, leadership, and purity. You can hear our weekly messages on our podcast and learn about our current teaching series on our home page.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! We have a number of places where parents can volunteer. The best way to serve our students is by leading a community group. If you're interested you can apply online. You can also serve as a host home for a DNOW community group, host an Upperclassmen Dinner or serve in Underground.