Renewing Hope for Teen Girls

Kick-Off Pajama Party - Saturday, February 16th at 11:00 am in room 104. Bring a friend and get ready for some fun while you check us out!

Renewing Hope for teen girls is designed to build community as girls navigate the ups and downs of life while celebrating their unique purpose from God. This semester topics include: your unique design and amazing destiny, connecting to Jesus, hearing God's voice, how to forgive, healing life's hurts, and more! Join other girls on this exciting journey!


Information for Parents:

  • Girls are divided into 2 groups - Middle and High School
  • Mentors lead student groups
  • Groups meet on Sunday evening in room 104
  • Renewing Hope does not provide clinical and/or psychological support groups or treatment
  • Application is required
  • Suggested family donation: $20

Contact:   or 770-641-5623

To join Renewing Hope in January 2019, please click below.