Divorce can be like a wound that never really heals. Even after your marriage is over, you may still have to deal with your former spouse about your children, property issues, and financial arrangements. It seems like you just can't cut all the ties and deal with the grief involved in the death of your relationship.

If you have children, you not only have custody and visitation rights to settle, but also questions of schooling, discipline, religious training, holidays. the list seems endless. You may have to face a short telephone call or a long courtroom confrontation to settle each challenge. Even if you don't have a family, it may be hard for you to separate the tangle of emotions because of the deep hurt you feel.

All of this makes it harder to get free of the relationship and find healing. Feelings like anger, hurt and jealousy don't subside when they are reinforced by new injuries, whether or not they are intentional. You may feel frozen inside, paralyzed with pain that demands too much energy to allow you to get on with life.

There can be healing and growth as you process the grief and develop yourself as an individual. Choose friends who are growth oriented more than grief oriented.

A Stephen Minister may be able to help. We are trained to listen and to keep confidential anything you need to say. Maybe it would help to talk to somebody. We're here for you.

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