Crisis in Pregnancy - Miscarriage and Stillbirth Ministry

We are so sorry for your loss. Whether you never got to see your baby, lost your child at birth or in infancy, or are desperately trying to conceive without success, your ache is deep and the emptiness is huge. If you are pregnant and either you or the fetus is in danger, you, too, are filled with emotions too complex to describe.

People around you - even family members - don't know how to respond. They make your pain worse by ignoring it, making trite comments, or encouraging you to "try again." You didn't fail at anything! The person you lost was someone you will always love. The child you desire is a part of your heart. It is right that you grieve, and you need to give yourself time and permission whether anyone else does or not.

We in the Stephen Ministry don't want you to hurt alone. Stephen Ministers listen, care, love and pray without making judgments or telling you what you should do or feel. Please contact us if we can help.

Contact Michelle Rutledge
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The HOPE Center
Helpful Options & Pregnancy Education.
For faith-based crisis pregnancy help.

Family Ministries [for those needing individual/family counseling]