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Frugal Counselor Corner

Written by Adrienne Millis, LPC, Richmond Graduate University


Here are some apps you can put on your phone that are easy to use and can help your budget!

  • Ibotta 

 This app is similar to online couponing. However, you can use a paper coupon AND Ibotta to save even more! On the app, you scroll through and look to see which items you are planning to buy when you are grocery shopping. Once you shop and buy all your groceries, you submit your receipt and voila! In addition to groceries, you can also get a percentage back on online purchases like Amazon, Walmart, and Groupon. If you have a referral code when you download the app, you automatically get $10 once you redeem your first purchase!

  • Shopkick 

 This app is an easy way to earn gift cards! All you have to do is turn your Bluetooth on your phone, and when you walk into a participating store you get “kicks.” Some stores have additional “kicks” that you can get when you scan selected items. Once you reach your “kick” goal, you can trade your “kicks” in for a gift card to Amazon, Walmart, Target, and many more!

For example, you can get 25 “kicks” for walking into Kroger, and additional “kicks” scanning items such as magazines, pasta sauce, gum, or cosmetics!

  • Walmart Savings Catcher

 If you are a frequent shopper at Walmart, this app will be a sure tool to save you money! After downloading the app, all you need to do is submit your receipt to “Wal-Mart Savings Catcher” under the app on your phone. What this app does is compare the prices of the items you bought at Wal-Mart to the surrounding stores. If the app finds anything cheaper, you are given the difference back in your account!

  • Kroger

 If you are already a frequent shopper and Kroger, and have not yet downloaded the app on your phone, go ahead and do it now not only are there digital coupons you add to your Kroger shoppers card, but there is an opportunity to get a FREE item every week! Every Friday, there is a coupon for a FREE item. The only catch is, you have to download the coupon during that Friday. You have two weeks to redeem the coupon once it is downloaded on your Kroger card, but the coupon is unavailable to download after Friday.